Sunday, September 19, 2010

First stop: Tokyo

Tokyo was an excellent start to our trip. Although only here for 2.5 days, we already feel We are adjusting well to our new home. The language barrier has proven difficult at times, but everyone we meet is nice and try very hard to understand us.

- Tsujiki Fish Market: The largest wholesale seafood market in the world. An amazing place for its size, diversity of seafood and chaos. We were almost run over many times by carts carrying fish. The tuna were HUGE! Leaving Tsujiki, we were befriended by a local sushi chef who guided us to Ginza, a shopping district.

- Imperial Palace: Old Samurai guardhouses juxtaposed against the Tokyo skyline. The grounds are surrounded by moats and large castle walls.

- Asakusa: A large temple and many small shops. Makes us excited to see the temples of Kyoto. Got our fortunes. I got a "bad fortune" and hung it up to blow away in the wind. Jen got a "regular fortune."

- Lunch with relatives: it was great meeting with some of our Japanese relatives for lunch at a famous old Soba restaurant. The sake and food were excellent. As was of course the company.

- Shibuya: crazy intersection where hundreds of people line up waiting to cross. When the traffic lights turn red the mass crosses simultaneously.

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